Lambplan Recorded

 Accredited No 376

Ovine Johnnes
All sheep tested negative for OJ

 "Spider" tested, all 
 Stud rams



    Western Australia


    Mob: 0428 136 319

Ben Cochrane "Woof"



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Super Borders Inc:

Super Borders are Border Leicesters with superior genes for lamb production.

Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association:

The encouragement of the breeding and improvement of the British and other breeds of sheep in Australia and the maintenance of the purity and type of each of such breeds.

Super Borders:

Gleneith Park is the home of the Gleneith Border Leicester Stud, a property of 1450 acres (587ha) that is dedicated to the stud enterprise and entails rotational cropping enterprises for maximum production.

Lamb Plan:

Shhep Genetics - LAMBPLAN Australia genetic evaluation. For wool and meat esterminated breeding values.

Sheep Genetics:

Sheep Genetics is the national genetic information and evaluation service for the meat and wool sectors of the sheep industry. The main purpose of Sheep Genetics is to improve the quality, scope and utilisation of across-flock and where appropriate across breed genetic information for the Australian sheep industry.

Suffolk Sheep:

Longhorn Cattle Society:

The Longhorn Cattle Society is a registered Charity in the U.K. and was founded in 1878 to promote and improve the breeding of the ancient and magnificent English Longhorn Cattle, and to maintain their purity.

Suffolk Sheep Stud:

Glenlea Suffolk Stud is located in the picturesque Ferguson Valley near Bunbury and is 225kms South of Perth in Western Australia.

Letts Suffolk Stud:

Letts Suffolk Stud (Flock Book no 0111) is completely focused on the production of the highest quality lamb carcase genetics in the World. As suppliers of genetic material to "Pure Suffolk Lamb" we have a unique ability to see how our genetics perform as live animals , carcases as well as direct consumer feedback from the people who dine on "Pure Suffolk lamb".


Kelso Park has been in the Starritt family since 1881. Bruce, like his father, has been invited to Judge at every Australian Royal show, several international shows, and many rural Australian shows. Their knowledge exists not only with the Border Leicester breed, but with both sheep and cattle breeds in general. These opinions have been well respected by many Stud Masters.