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Louden Park Border Leicesters

History of Louden Park

Louden Park
Border Leicester Stud.
Re-established 2004
Flock No. 4686.

Louden Park stud was established in 1981 by LP & FL Cochrane with the purchase of the ram  Riley Park 50 / 80 (Flock No.F 4100) and 11 ewes from Seaton Ross ( Flock No.F 612).

Later additions came from Anro (12 / 83) and ewes from The Oaks stud Victoria. All sheep were sold in 1990.

In 2004 the stud was re-established with ewes purchased from Inverbrackie in S A. and Kelso in Victoria. The sire Arizona 130/02 was purchased.

Selected ewes have been purchased every year since from Kelso. Each year an ET and AI programme is performed with varying results.

In 2005 the ram Gleneith 205 / 04 was purchased from the Gleneith annual sale in partnership with Mosshill stud Balingup for $4000. This ram has had semen used in 3 states of Australia and was used by the SuperBorders GIP (Group Improvement Programme)

Rams are sold annually at the Darkan District ram sale held on the second Tuesday of October.
In 2006 the ream of 20 sold for an average of $1072.

Louden Park is a member of the SuperBorders Performance Group. A group of 25 sheep breeding businessís from  most states of Australia.

Louden Park Border Leicester