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Glencraig Suffolks

puceGlencraig Suffolk Stud

Glencraig Suffolk Sheep Stud was founded in December 1996 with the purchase of 10 stud ewes from the late Bryan Smith, "Karlinka" Stud (Flock No. 803) near Darkan, Western Australia. Most of these ewes were by Nankeen 85/90, Pamellen 105/88 and Karrawonga 584 of 88. The ram Cheeryna 290/95 was purchased to mate with these ewes.

In 1997 six more ewes of similar breeding were purchased from "Karlinka", as well as the ram Cheeryna 1415/96 from Cheeryna. An additional 5 ewes were purchased from the "Karlinka" dispersal sale in 2000. Cheeryna 1415 left impressive hindquarters on his progeny. In 2001 Rouken-Glen 244/00 was purchased to use over the daughters of 1415/96.
This has been an advantageous combination with increased eye muscle in particular.

After a visit to South Australia in 2003, four ewes from the "Letts" stud were purchased and imported into Western Australia. These ewes and others have been mated to a home bred sire Glencraig 159/02 who has impressive eye muscle area and was grand champion ram at the Dinninup Show and reserve champion in his class at Wagin Woolorama in 2004.
On 13th January 2004 a laproscopic AI programme was conducted on 22 mixed age ewes. The rams used were Wendenlea 164/00, the second highest ranked Suffolk ram on lambplan in Australia, as well as Wendenlea 261/93 and Wendenlea 71/02 (one ewe). Pinegrove 153/96 (NZ), and Marananga 187/92, (Tasmania) were also used. The ram Cheeryna 54/01was used as a backup sire over the AI ewes.

In 2005 semen from the Scottish Suffolk sire Meiklelson Mightyman was used in an ET programme on two ewes. The most prominent sire produced was 349 / 05 ‘Douglas ‘ and the most influencial ewes were 346 / 05 and 351 / 05.

Glencraig  670 / 08 ‘ Douglas 2nd’sired by 349. 05  had a big influence imparting muscle and growth in his progeny.

From 2007 onwards Glencraig used from NZ. for AI and ET to breed replacement stud sires. Althought different types to the Scottish Suffolk they complemented each other. The only other rams used from outside studs were the Glencraig outcross sire  Wendenlea 90 / 09  ‘Emperor ‘ and in 2014 Oakwood 37 / 13 ‘Giles ‘.

NZ Sires Used
Brooklands 38 / 06  Most progeny discarded
Waimotu 1010 / 03  Bred well and sired Glencraig 717 / 09 ‘Kiwi’ and Glencraig 710 / 09 ‘ Kestral.’
Coleford 624 / 06 Exceptional sire and sired Glencraig 1038 /12 ‘Logan’ and Oakwood 37 / 13 ‘Giles ‘

More recently semen from 3 NZ Sires imported by Duncan Young was used.
Goldstream 231 / 08 Small statue but heavily muscled progeny
Collie Hills   21 / 09
Waterton 302 / 07.

These rams had no data compatible to Lambplan so had to start from a base 100 Index. Goldstream 231 has bred exceptional muscling into Australian Suffolk

For many years sires and progeny from Glencraig have ranked in the top 5% of Suffolk in Australia on the Lambplan Elites. Glencraig has a strong ewe base and many ewes or female progeny are in the top 2%.

Glencraig has contributed semen from many sires to the Sheep Genetics Information Nucleus and Sheep Genomics programmes.
These sires have rated highly in the Shear Force 5  test with 594 / 08 being in the top1% for Shear Force at - 6.3 and a positive IMF.


During the last 3 years  embryos have been sold to two South Australian studs, Oakwood and Hillstream.  In 2015 218 embryos were collected, chilled and implanted in SA within 24 hours. The average yield for the two programmes was 13.6 and 14 embryos per ewe.